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Boom Lift Service

This is a service we began to offer 6 years ago, when we ran into a job that just could not be accessed by ladders. Since then we have taken on many jobs that require a boom lift. Boom lifts are very handy, but extra care needs to be taken when operating one. There are usually hydro lines nearby that pose obvious risks. In the hands of an inexperienced operator one could damage a home or property, and create a significant safety risk to those in the lift and anyone nearby. The Advantage team has a handful of professionals experienced with boom lift or cherry pickers to reach anywhere from 30 to 75 feet. When operating a boom lift anyone in the bucket needs to be tied off with a proper fall arrest system and these systems can be expensive. Make sure if you are having any work done where a boom lift is needed everyone is tied off as per safety protocol. Because of some of the costs and training these types of things require it is often easier to hire someone properly equipped and experienced to look after the project. The Advantage team can provide this service to put the customer at ease.