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Carpentry Repairs

Although we are a painting company, we are competent with various carpentry repairs. With exterior projects we often run into damaged wood, cedar shakes that are loose, deck boards that are unsafe etc. Whatever the case may be we can usually repair it for you so that the surface we are painting or staining is in good repair and will actually hold paint. If we come across an issue during the project which can happen commonly when dealing with areas at heights that have not been addressed in years, (like soffits on a 3rd story dormer for example). We will inform you of the issue and give you the option of bringing in a carpenter or price out the cost for us to repair the area while we are already doing the other work. In most cases we can handle these types of repairs, but if it is significant or has structural ramifications, we recommend calling in a professional carpenter and we can advise a reliable carpenter we have worked with in the past if need be.

Typically for minor repairs it is more cost effective to have us do the work but regardless of the situation expect to be fully informed so you can make a decision, and have it fixed properly. Whether we do it, you do it yourself, or bring someone in you can rest assure we are not going to paint over rotten wood, or move forward with something that could cause a potential issue down the road. This could even be something we notice while painting that has nothing to do with painting. We recognize that most homeowners do not climb on their roof every year to inspect the condition of the various facets of their home, so if we notice some shingles in need of repair or whatever the case may be, expect to be informed so you have the option of taking care of any necessary maintenance you may not have otherwise known about.

This extends to the inside of your home as well. In the past while painting kitchen cupboards we have re installed cabinets in different places and assisted in minor repairs in various situations. By no means do we claim to be custom kitchen fabricators but depending on the situation we will let you know if we are capable of helping out.