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 Commercial Painting

We have painted a variety of commercial jobs over the years, and just like residential painting is crucial to have a clear plan of attack and be efficient when completing they types of jobs as they are usually a business that is closing and losing revenue while the painting commences. We have also had businesses remain open and operational while a job takes place and in this case it is equally important to execute the plan that has been set out to ensure as little disruption to the business as possible. We work around the business needs pooling employees together or working night shifts and weekends to again cause minimal loss of business.

Restaurant Painting - We paint Restaurants! In the past we have done work for various restaurants, and often do the work at night or in non peak times do minimize opportunity cost for the restaurant.

Office Space - We have painted various offices in the past from as small as a 200 square feet lunch room, to 10 000 square feet office spaces. Again we always work around the companies schedule to make the job as painless as possible.