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Exterior Painting

From garage door painting, wood or aluminum siding painting, to difficult to access 3rd story dormer painting, big or small at Advantage we paint them all! (There is literally no job to big or small that we will not take on). We have the manpower and knowhow to get your job done no matter what kind of painting is involved. We break our detailed quotes into options for customers depending on budget, so you can prioritize a portion of a project or do the entire project. This could entail different coating options on various areas of your home, or breaking down a quote by each side of the house, or by level, whatever the case may be we want to take care of your project and are flexible in breaking down the quote to meet your needs.

door door

When it comes to exterior painting, prep work is the most important aspect, and at Advantage we take the aspect of prep work very seriously. Proper preparation of the surfaces being painted can often take longer then applying the topcoats of paint. For exterior painting we have a process we follow for every job, which entails scraping any loose paint off the surfaces, feather sanding the edges (or completely sanding or heat gunning the previous layers of paint if our premium option is selected), then cleaning and wiping down the entire surface with the proper products such as TSP (tri-sodium-phosphate) if there is mildew or mold present, and to remove and dirt or dust particles prior to applying a quality primer to all bare wood or all paintable areas in our premium option. All of the primers we use are supplied by Zinsser, which is a company that specializes in top quality primers. We use the following Zinsser Primers - Click here to see our complete list of primers we use depending on variety of factors in different situations. In the end rest assured we use the best possible primer depending on your project, and given primer is what holds the paint to the surface this is a crucial step that cannot be skipped.

siding siding

As you can see from our exterior painting gallery we have painted just about everything, and often take on many projects at heights or with significant prep work that homeowner or even other painters would not take on. Do not forget about our industry leading Advantage Guarantee of 3 years on paintable surfaces, Click Here to find out more