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Advantage House Painters Inc.

Our full time division is composed of a number of experienced painting professionals.

The Advantage business model is simple to ensure we continue to make our customers extremely happy. We have a small group of operators all running businesses with anywhere from 3-5 qualified and experienced employees. 

By keeping our number of operators exclusive we ensure everyone operates with the same core values and continue to provide quality service at fair prices. We take a very hands-on approach to limit confusion and look forward to painting your home!

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We are also a practical painting company: small repairs to plaster and wood are frequently made by our painters, since most paint jobs require some degree of finishing before painting can begin. Our house painters are able to patch and fix whatever small defects and carpentry repairs are needed as standard preparation prior to painting or staining your project.

The reason people choose to hire a painting company is to make time-consuming problems go away, so we like to take care of all the details, and we take pride in whatever the project includes and specialize in refinishing jobs like deck staining, which requires extra attention in our Ontario climate.

In addition to being interior and exterior house painting, our painting company has experience with industrial and commercial painting jobs, including retail store and condo painting, or simply reaching locations only accessible by sending our painters several stories up on boom lifts.

These boom lifts also allow us to offer Christmas light installation as well as mounting/removing other festival lights throughout the year. There are a wide variety of jobs our crew can take care of for you! To learn more about our Values and the Advantages of hiring our team, Click Here.