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We are currently in the process of shooting some how-to videos to show consumers how to properly do a variety of painting around their home.  We recognize for some consumers it may not be necessary to hire a professional house painter for every project as smaller jobs can often be taken care of quickly and sometimes people actually have the time and energy to take care of a whole job themselves. Whether we are called in to finish the job or not we like to see the job done right and this is the thought process behind this page.  Since we are in the process of finishing  our videos, in the meantime we have decided to post some good you tube videos as there are literally thousands online some better than others, so here are some to start.

How-to clean a brush - First things first, you should know how to properly clean your brush. To do a good job with your paint project, buy a good brush. Do not use a brush from the dollar store! Not only does a cheap brush not last it will negatively affect your finished product and likely take you longer as well.  The Advantage crew uses brushes by a brand called Picaso, and also Wooster brushes. The brand in the video, Purdy are also decent, but do not seem to hold up as long. Typically a higher quality brush will cost a bit more, up to $20, but will be worth it long-term if it is taken care of. This video gives a good demonstration, keep in mind it is a marketing video for Purdy so they are promoting their products, but overall it is a good demonstration. 

How-to clean a roller – Another similar but effective video on how to clean your roller sleeves. If you spend a little more on your roller sleeves they will leave a nicer finish, not shed the contents of the roller onto your walls and you can re use these sleeves multiple times. We always recommend a microfiber roller sleeve as they tend to hold a bit more paint, leave a nice smooth finish, and the paint does not spray off the roller if you roll a bit faster. A microfiber roller will cost closer to $4 per roller, or if you buy a 10 pack you save around a dollar per roller.  We use a brand called Pintar Microbiber roller sleeves, and again Wooster has a nice roller as well, they just cost slightly more. The cheaper roller sleeves are between $1 and $3, so spending a bit more will really not add much to the total cost of your project, and definitely save you time. If it takes you an hour to clean the roller then the cost benefit is not there, and that is why this video is an effective tutorial as it should only take a minute or two to properly clean a roller.